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We at Pratt Automotive Excellence are dedicated to helping you in your search for just the right vehicle for you and your family. That’s why we provide options for our customers to open up the possibilities and to literally save you time and money! If we are not blessing your life with a WIN-WIN deal we are not interested.

Option 1: Check out our inventory- see if you we don’t already have what you need!

Option 2: Ask our sales representative about how to find the vehicle you are looking for at auction for unbelievable prices!

There is no better deal out there. Try us!




Whether it’s a snow storm, a heavy load, or a trip to your favorite event- we can help you find just the right vehicle to get the job done!


Getting great gas mileage makes a difference whether you’re commuting to work or off on that next big adventure!


Let the whole family in on the fun! We’ll do our part before you drive off the lot to help them arrive safely with a thorough 30 pt inspection of each and every vehicle!



Out on the town, road tripping, or yet another commute- let us help make your travels comfortable and reassuring- we guarantee to help you find the most mechanically sound and beautiful vehicle anywhere!


We are striving to change the mentality of the automotive industry by creating a new standard of honesty in both sales and automotive repair. In any relationship, trust is everything and honesty is our mark.


Truman Pratt has been in the automotive industry for 28 years. Excellence has always been his aim: again and again he has hit the mark.


Customer service isn’t just a department at Pratt Automotive Excellence, if you haven’t found exactly what you are hoping for in a vehicle or repair, we promise to make it right. We are here to serve you.


Transparency, communication, and fairness are what we daily strive for here at Pratt Automotive Excellence. Integrity is our standard. Integrity is our promise.

We guarantee to provide every customer the most mechanically sound vehicle in the industry at the very best price anywhere.

Browse through our selection of vehicles that have recently been added to our inventory.

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