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We have 31 years of experience and a commitment to absolute honesty and excellence, we are here to ensure your vehicle and family are safe & taken care of.

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Our Standard of Excellence

You will see our signature of thoroughness and excellence on everything we do. Our customers and their satisfaction mean everything to us.

Wide Range of Brands

We try and keep a variety of makes and models on hand to meet every customer need and preference. 

Trusted By Thousands

We know we aren’t just representing our company in the quality of work we do, but we also represent those customers who trust us and refer us to their friends and family.

Car Service & Maintenance

Our service department is dedicated to meeting all of your automotive- both in customer repairs and sales.


At Pratt Automotive Excellence we are not JUST interested in having satisfied customersWe want to create raving fans who are excited to have their car break down” and feel like they have been treated with the utmost customer service and integrity.
Please let us know how we might best serve you and your family!