1998 Toyota Camry CE

1998 Toyota Camry CE

This little Camry has been tested and proven itself time and again! It has been a family car for us and made several trips from Idaho to Missouri and back and is still driving beautiful! Tires are basically new, it does have some cosmetic issues, but is in otherwise great condition and driving strong! It has 224,000 miles and is still valued on KBB for $3184- these Toyotas hold their value so well. Which makes sense as they are known for longevity (it is common to see them at almost 400,000 miles).

Our family business is called Pratt Automotive Excellence. We are an ASE certified repair shop with 30 years of experience, but we also sell vehicles- which is what we think really sets us apart- there is something comforting about buying a car from a certified mechanic rather than a salesman or a stranger.

Before a vehicle leaves our lot, we guarantee each receives:

– 30 pt bumper to bumper inspection to ensure quality

– Safety inspection

– Oil change

More details, including vin numbers, on our website prattautomotive.com. Call or text with questions 816 877-2998.