2010 Honda Civic VP-DX

2010 Honda Civic VP-DX

This Honda would make a great commuter vehicle at 26/34 mpg! It is mechanically rock solid, has great looking tires and for a Honda has a lot of miles still ahead of it with 174,823 current miles (Hondas are known to drive up to 400,000 miles!). Valued for $5375.

Pratt Automotive Excellence is a family owned business in Cameron, Missouri. We are an ASE certified repair shop with 30 years of experience, but we also sell vehicles- which is what we think really sets us apart- there is something comforting about buying a car from a certified mechanic rather than a salesman or a stranger.

Before a vehicle leaves our lot, we guarantee each receives:

– 30 pt bumper to bumper inspection to ensure quality

– Safety inspection

– Oil change