2010 Honda Odyssey EXL

2010 Honda Odyssey EXL

This vehicle is an 8 seater, and has so many fun features! Sunroof, rear entertainment system, power sliding doors, and leather heated seats! it also has basically new tires, aluminum wheels and for a Honda like aren’t too bad at 189,980. Most important of all, it checked out mechanically perfect in our 30 pt bumper to bumper inspection! Drives great, overall great condition. Interior photos coming soon :).

Pratt Automotive Excellence is a family owned business in Cameron, Missouri. We are an ASE certified repair shop with 30 years of experience, but we also sell vehicles- which is what we think really sets us apart- there is something comforting about buying a car from a certified mechanic rather than a salesman or a stranger.

Before a vehicle leaves our lot, we guarantee each receives:

– 30 pt bumper to bumper inspection to ensure quality

– Safety inspection

– Oil change

Another unique thing about us is that we don’t have any hidden or administrative fees, we factor all those things into the initial price and try to go as low below the value as we can based on what we have into the vehicle (auction/flooring fees, transport, repairs etc). The price you see is the price we will sell it for .

Call with questions 816 877-2998.